Custom Rustic Metal Garage Doors
  • Copper Patina Finish
  • Copper Patina Finish
  • Rustic Steel Garage Door
  • Rustic Steel Garage Door
  • Rustic Steel Garage Door
  • Rustic Steel Garage Door
  • Rustic Steel Garage Door
  • Rustic Steel Garage Door
  • Rustic Steel Finish
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We’re your best source for custom garage doors, custom metalwork and rustic finishes…
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Choose Rustic Door and Gate!

We are Tucson’s original Rustic Garage Door™.  Tucson’s leading provider of garage doors, entry gates, and custom metalwork and finishing services. Our proprietary metal-finishing processes are recognized industry-wide for the beautiful, durable patinas that we create on metalwork. We have regional offices in Tucson, Arizona and we serve homeowners and business people throughout southern Arizona.

People are the key to our success

Our staff of professional designers, metalworkers, and technicians are what drives our success. Our people bring many decades of experience and judgment that can help you save time and money when choosing garage doors and other metalwork.

Focus on customer service

We bring elegant, cost-effective solutions for people who need doors and other metalwork, We listen very carefully to our customers, and we respond quickly to meet their needs. We’ll make sure that you know all the options, so you can make the choices that are best for you.

The Highest Quality Custom Garage Doors

Where our competitors fall short, we exceed. Our custom garage doors are not only built to the highest quality standards, but they use a trademarked sealing process that keeps your custom metal garage door looking beautiful years longer than those of other garage door companies. In many circumstances, our custom garage doors may last over 3 times as long as our competitors! When you are investing your hard-earned money in a custom garage door, you should take into account quality and  the lifespan of the garage door, or you could find yourself replacing it in as little as 3 or 4 years.

To learn more about us, or if you have a question about garage doors or custom metalwork, call (520) 488-7180

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