Carport Conversions

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Carport conversions

If you need more productive space in your home, a carport conversion can help

With the economic climate now improving, many homeowners feel cramped in their present space and want more room, whether for a growing family, a home business, or simply for additional storage space.

A carport conversion can turn dead space into living space

Carport Conversions

Rustic Door & Gate specializes in turning carports into extra rooms. Converting your carport into a room addition is an instant, cost-effective way to increase the usable space in your home while greatly increasing your home’s value and productivity. Converting your carport into an enclosed space can:

  • Increase the under-roof square footage and property value of your home for appraisal purposes
  • Create a new bedroom or living space
  • Create a separate space for your home office or business
  • Increase safety, privacy and security
  • Help insulate and reduce utility expenses in your adjoining home
  • Complement overall home remodeling and improvements
  • Provide space for a rental unit (depending on local rental ordinances)

Turn your carport into productive space!

Rustic Door & Gate is the local leader in remodeling carports into garage additions. We also provide rustic garage doors, entry gates, and custom metalwork and finishing services. We have offices in Tucson, Arizona and we serve homeowners and business people throughout the region.

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