Here at Rustic Door and Gate, we know that garage doors in Tucson propose a special series of challenges and requirements. Our especially dry and hot climate presents different challenges to garage door maintenance than most localities. In many cases, these climate differences in Tucson can actually be advantageous, but in others they are a hindrance. Let’s look at the different parts of garage doors, and analyze what can and does go wrong with them in the rough yet gorgeous Tucson weather.

Garage Doors TucsonFor most traditional garage doors in Tucson, there isn’t much that is a problem here. Most panels are pretty resilient to sun-fading and because our weather is dry, they hold up very well. Faded panels can be replaced individually, or as a whole door replacement if necessary. Rustic Door and custom panels of other types are quite a different issue all together. ALL RUSTIC DOOR PANELS WILL FADE OVER TIME. Many competitors will not disclose this information to you. They may even claim that the doors are “sealed” and/or “resistant” to sun-fading. While they may be somewhat more resistant than others, all rustic door panels will fade. Conditions such as the orientation of the house and facing direction of the door itself can have a huge impact on the resilience and propensity towards fading. What we can say is that Rustic Door and Gate’s rustic doors hold up longer and better than any of our competitors by a wide margin. This is due to the proprietary process which we have trademarked. The special chemical process lasts several years more, on average than our competitors. After time though, all rustic panels must be repaired or even replaced–just like normal wear and tear on the paint job of an automobile. Here is the best news of all though: even though your door may need repairs, Rustic Door and Gate can beat the prices of our competitors AND give you a better-quality, longer-lasting rustic door!  If you think that your door panels need replaced, please give us a call. We can meet or beat most of our competitor’s prices, and would be more than happy to come inspect your door and give you a quote on repairing the panels on your garage door.

Garage door motors & openers generally do pretty well in Tucson as well. Occasionally they can and do malfunction, and may need to be replaced. But our generally dry weather usually cooperates with their operation pretty well. Tucson’s summer monsoons may cause electrical surges, outages and other such aberrations, which may damage an opener or cause it to function abnormally. A good investment, especially if your garage is the primary means of ingress/egress into and out of your home, is a battery backup. Nothing is as frustrating as getting home at night on a rainy monsoon night in Tucson only to find the power is out and you can’t open the garage door to get into your home. A battery backup can resolve this issue, and also alleviates power spikes that are common in Tucson monsoon weather potentially causing harm to your garage door.

Garage Doors Repair TucsonGarage door belts, chains, springs, hinges, seals and other small apparatus usually wear fairly normally in Tucson. But as with all parts that move, rub, grind, or otherwise have wear on them, they will fail over time. These things can typically be fixed, repaired or replaced with relative ease. IT IS IMPORTANT TO TAKE CARE OF ANY BROKEN PART OF A GARAGE DOOR IN TUCSON RIGHT AWAY, as failure to do so may cause unnecessary wear on other, more expensive parts of a garage door, leading to much more costly repairs later. Sometimes when springs break, they give up rather suddenly and without much warning, creating an alarming noise and/or jerk to the door itself. Do not panic, as this is normal, and though they will need to be replaced, it is a normal routine maintenance procedure. Simply give Rustic Door and Gate a call, and we will be glad to help get you back up and running usually within a few business days. Rubber garage door seals may wear slightly faster in Tucson than the average climate, but are not a big deal to replace. Often rubber garage door seals may be chewed through by pack-rats or other desert-dwelling rodents or wildlife in Tucson. Please give Rustic Door and Gate a call if you wish to have us take a look at your garage door seals, garage door belts or chains, garage door hinges, or garage door springs for service issues.

Garage door sensors are not prone to failure in and of themselves in Tucson. Frequently they are bumped by a playing child, pet or automobile which may knock them out of alignment. Please do not attempt to re-align the sensors yourselves. This may cause harm to the sensor itself of the mounting structure, causing more intense damage than was initially applied and thus a more expensive and drastic repair. Rustic Door and gate will come to your house in Tucson and attempt to make repairs to your garage door sensors using professional tools and experience. If need be, Rustic Door and Gate will replace your garage door sensor(s) so that your door may become operational once more.

Of course there are always special cases and needs with garage doors in Tucson. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your garage door in Tucson, please call our regional Tucson office at (520) 488-7180.